Custom Imprinted Balloons

At this time Custom Imprinted Balloons cannot be ordered online.  Please call us at 916-928-3001

PRICES INCLUDE LATEX BALLOONS only and does not include inflating the balloons with helium or air.

BALLOON QUANTITY 200 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000
11″ standard colors $123 $196 $308 $706 $1,242 $2,196 $4,973
11″ Jewel or fashion tones $129 $204 $322 $759 $1,328 $2,369 $5,381
11″ Metallic, pear or neon  $136 $227 $356 $818 $1,460 $2,610 $5,896
16″ Standard $214 $345 $594 $1,376 $2,415 $4,358 $9,890
16″ Jewel and Fashion Tones $223 $362 $618 $1,449 $2,553 $4,600 $10,436
16″ Metallic, pearl and neon $250 $404 $676 $1,581 $2,827 $5,060 $11,500

2nd Side (add’l charge)

$50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 N/A
2nd Color (add’l charge) $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 N/A


Click here for a color chart
Screen charge $35, Second side imprint (one color) $.07 each, Change of ink color $20

Call for prices on sizes 9″ round shaped, 11″ and 15″ heart shaped

Ink Colors

White ink shows up best on darker colors.

Black ink shows up best on lighter colors.

Latex Balloon Colors

For orders under 1,000 balloons, choose up to two balloon colors or a color assortment.

For orders of 1,000 or more, choose no more than four balloon colors or a color assortment.

Color assortments:

Dark blue, green, red, orange and yellow

Ruby red, white and sapphire blue

Radiant Pearl
pearl sapphire blue, pearl emerald green, pearl ruby, pearl citrine yellow, and pearl quartz purple

Red, yellow, orange, pink, pale blue

Radiant Jewel
Quartz Purple, sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red, and citrine yellow

Production Time

Average production time is 5 – 10 business days. You must request the date you need your balloons. We do not automatically ship all balloon orders the same day.

Rush Order Service– Rush orders under 5,000 pieces
Ship in 1 day add $80
Ship in 2 days add $50

The complete order approved are, and payment must be received by 11am CT.
Stock ink colors only
The proof request will add production time to rush orders.

Art Storing/Repeat Orders

The artwork is not returned. Artwork remains on file for the remainder of the
current year plus one more year.

Camera-Ready Artwork

We accept black and white camera ready vector art files in .eps, .ai (CS) .cdr (10.0) or .pdf. Vector art is comprised of many lines that make clean, smooth art and clean smooth imprint for screen-printing on balloons.

We can also print from .jpeg, .bmp(bitmap) or .tiff files that are black and white at 600 dpi. These files are best suited for Internet applications because they are made of pixels. When pixels are stacked together to form lines in art or fonts the edges are fuzzy because the corners of the boxes (pixels) do not make smooth lines. The image can/will appear “fuzzy” or “blurry” on the custom printed balloon. To test your art to see if it will print well, print out a copy on a black and white printer. If you see fuzzy edges on your printout, the image on the custom balloons will be fuzzy as well.

Photo Prints

Photographs should be scanned from the original picture, and emailed in a .jpg or .tiff format. Pick photographs that are good quality, where the individual is captured in a clear (not blurry) photograph. Good contrast in the picture will help set off the individual. Example: A baby picture where the subject has no hair and has a white blanket around their head and body will have a washed out look. A blonde-haired subject with a light background may appear washed out, and it will be difficult to get good definition on their hair (it will become part of the balloon). A dark haired subject with a dark background will not have definition between their hair and the background, Please submit your photograph, and we will let you know if it is a good candidate for photo balloons.

Straight-Line Copy

A maximum of four lines of copy and 20 characters per line are

We must be able to fax you a proof of your emailed artwork to ensure we received it correctly. We are not responsible for any artwork errors without an approved faxed proof.

Please store your balloons in a cool dark area. Heat and sunlight will begin the natural, biodegradable process. Our economy Inflator works on all Helium tank cylinders with a hand-tight connection. Flex-Tip valve allows a user to inflate latex balloons easier and is available with or without a gauge.

We also carry an inflator that automatically fills all size foil balloons to correct pressure and volume. Easily connects to the cylinder with a hand-tight connection. Never pop a mylar balloon again!

Our rentals include the use of an inflator, so there is no reason to purchase one unless you are interested in keeping a tank long term.
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