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Send Balloons in Sacramento

We deliver balloon bouquets all over Sacramento CA for birthdays, get well wishes, congratulations and other special occasions. We're different than a florist because we only sell balloons.  We have balloons in all shapes and sizes.  We even have balloons inside other balloons!  Call us for the best balloon bouquets you've ever seen. Please read Important Delivery Information before placing your order online. 

Please Note- We have helium.  However, because of the shortage, many people are bringing in their balloons to be inflated.  We can fill any mylar/foil balloons; however, we will only inflate latex balloons made in America, such as Qualatex or Betallatex brands.  Here's the reason why.  We have calluses in all the right spots on our fingers from tying balloons for 30 years.  Most balloons from other countries are not 100% biodegradable latex.  They are not powdered to keep them fresh and from sticking together.  Many pops because they are poor quality and tear the skin on our fingers.  I blew up ten balloons a lady brought in, and they split the skin on the side of my finger and caused an open wound that took over a month to heal. Also, when some of them pop because they are bad quality, our customer thinks it's our fault and wants a replacement.  Whenever we inflate your balloons, we charge the full price as if using our own balloons.  Think of it like taking your own steak to a steak house and having them cook your steak.  You wouldn't expect them not charge you because you provided the steak.  All businesses have overhead like rent, utilities, rent, taxes, payroll, etc.  Plus when you take your balloons out of here, and they pop or stop floating a few hours later, that reflects poorly on us.

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