Ice Cream Soda Balloon Sculpture

Ice Cream Soda Balloon Sculpture

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Our Ice Cream Soda Balloon Sculptures are eight feet tall before the straws!  These are perfect for the corners of a dance floor for a 50"s themed party or at an Ice Cream Social.  Please note that the frames need to be returned after your event.

The price is for one Ice Cream Soda Balloon Sculpture.

$50 Frame deposit is included in the price and is refunded when the frame is returned.

Because we are shorthanded and need more qualified candidates seeking a job, we are offering pick-up specials. You must arrive with a vehicle large enough to pick up your balloons, or we will charge the total price plus delivery. No exceptions. Call ahead if you have questions about the space needed for your balloon decor. Please keep in mind that if after you arrive, and can't fit the balloons in your vehicle, we may not be able to help you with delivery because we may be too busy with other deliveries.