Helium Tank Rental and Equipment Supplies

Rent a Helium Tank at Balloon Creations By Carolyn. We rent many sizes of tanks, the smallest tank will blow up over 100 - 11" latex balloons, and Our largest tank will inflate 600- 11" latex balloons. Rental includes a filler and stand if requested. Helium tanks can be picked up, or we can deliver to your venue. We do not sell the disposable tanks that can't be refilled. Also, these tanks cannot be recycled.


Don't ever BUY a helium tank larger than 100cf. If your office wants to keep a helium tank on hand, let us know. We can refill tanks up to 100 cf in house. Larger tanks are sent to the gas supplier to be refilled, and it is highly unlikely you will ever see the tank you purchased again. Here's why. The local gas supplier takes tanks to their larger facilities to have them refilled. Because your tank is not theirs, they have to safety test the tank before filling it, which can take days. The tanks are then returned to the local facilities, then us. 

If you want to save the rental fees, we can sell you smaller tanks that are new and certified. We can fill these smaller tanks here and sometimes while you wait. Call ahead of time to make sure we can fill your tank while you wait.  

A 100 cf tank will inflate 200- 11", and 400- 9" latex balloons. That's usually large enough for most offices. A 50cf tank is about knee-high, and a 100cf tank is usually about waist high.

Please Note- We have helium.  However, because of the shortage, many people are bringing in their balloons to be inflated. We can fill any mylar/foil balloons; however, we will only inflate latex balloons made in America, such as Qualatex or Betallatex brands. Other brands are not powdered to keep them fresh and from sticking together. Many pop because they are of poor quality, leaving our customers feeling it's our fault. .Whenever we inflate your balloons, we charge the full price as if using our own quality balloons.

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