Helium Tank Rentals
Helium Tank Rentals

Helium Tank Rentals

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Note- Nuclear medicine has caused prices for us to double. We only rent 50, 200 and 300 cubic foot tanks.  

Helium tanks can be kept for two days with no rental fee. Tank rental charges are $5 per day, starting on the 3rd day. Rental charges are charged to your credit card at the end of each month or when you return the tank, whichever is first. The long-term rental charge is $75 per month if you own your stand.  You must own your own inflator.  We include an inflator for short term rentals

If you own your tank and need it refilled, we can do that while you wait for tanks up to 50 cubic feet. Please call ahead to make sure Mike is available to fill your tank. Call for details.

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Helium and Nitrogen are Non-Flammable.

How Many Balloons Can I Inflate? One cubic foot of Helium will inflate one 12", two 11" or four 9" latex balloons.

Safety warning:

All helium tank cylinders need to be secured; this is the renter’s responsibility. Helium is a non-toxic, non-flammable gas. However, it is dangerous to breathe in the gas from the cylinder, or even from an inflated balloon. We recommend that you transport the helium tank cylinder in the trunk of your car. If you must transport it in the passenger compartment, make sure it is secured, and you have at least one window open at all times.